GIB® Grabber® Self Tapping Screws (Loose)


For fixing to light gauge metal

  • Fine self tapping thread needle point for fixing GIB® Plasterboard to 0.45-0.95mm light gauge steel
  • No2 Philips recess that is deep, positive and non sticking
  • Unique scavenger prevents burrs when seating
  • Gold passivated and zinc plated finish prevents corrosion
  • Extra sharp point for fast penetration

Screw Sizes Available

  • 6g x 25mm — 200pk SKU13941
  • 6g x 25mm — 1000pk SKU13947
  • 6g x 32mm — 200pk SKU13942
  • 6g x 32mm — 1000pk SKU13948
  • 6g x 41mm — 200pk SKU13943
  • 6g x 41mm — 1000pk SKU13949
  • 7g x 51mm — 100pk SKU14750
  • 8g x 63mm — 100pk SKU14744
  • 8g x 76mm — 100pk SKU14740