GIB® Grabber® Weatherline® Fine Thread Screws


For steel framing

  • GIB® Grabber® Weatherline® screws have a ceramic coating making them suitable for exterior use in the GIB Weatherline® Systems
  • High thread drill point Weatherline screws are suitable for fixing GIB Weatherline® to steel framing
  • Drill point for ease of penetration
  • No2 Philips recess that is deep, positive and non sticking
  • Tested and approved by Winstone Wallboards for use in GIB Weatherline® Systems
  • Look for the 'G' on the screw head to know it is a genuine GIB® Grabber® screw

Available in two sizes:

  • 8g x 32mm — 1000 Sleeve SKU15777
  • 8g x 47mm — 800 Sleeve SKU15882