GIB® Levelline®



Bedding in tape to strengthen joints

To create beautiful straight corner lines, tidily finish off-angle corners, or reduce paint chips coming off corner trims, try the new GIB® Levelline® composite trim. It's ideal for bay windows, cathedral and raking ceilings; and anywhere else where a great corner finish is required.  

Here are just a few reasons why you should try this product: 

  • The paper surface finish matches the paper finish of GIB® plasterboard, creating a uniform finish while providing great adhesion for paints. 
  • Can be folded to an internal or external corner or an off-angle corner.
  • The fold creates a beautiful straight and sharp corner finish. Sharp corner finishing details help create a professional finish. 
  • Comes in rolls that are cut to length on-site; eliminating waste.
  • The dispensing box has a handle for fast application.
  • Simply installed with jointing compound and the inside surface has great adhesion to GIB® compounds. 
  • No mechanical fixings are required to install this trim, so no risk of any frame movement transferring via such fixings to create surface imperfections.
  • Tapered with fine edges. Requires minimal jointing compound to feather out the edge and create a beautiful flat uniform finish.
  • The centre has a high strength co-polymer core with a built-in flexible hinge to fit internal, external and off-angle corners.

For trims with a higher impact resistance, select the GIB Ultraflex® 325 and 450 trims.