GIB® Paper Joint Tape (150m)



Bedding in tape to strengthen joints

GIB® Paper joint tape can be installed using hand tools or mechanical tools. Both GIB® Paper joint tape and GIB RocTape® are approved for use in all GIB® Systems.

The recently released GIB® Grabber® paper joint tape is also approved for use in all GIB® systems. Refer to the technical bulletin on the Technical Literature tab for further information.

Joint tape is an important component in a GIB® System, providing critical strength between plasterboard sheets to aid in resisting structural movement (e.g. frame movement) and therefore it is important to select the most appropriate jointing tape for the application.

Paper tape is very different in performance to the (woven) square mesh fibreglass joint tape. Some square mesh fibreglass tapes are pre-glued. The woven square mesh fibreglass joint tape is not recommended for reinforcing plasterboard joints by Winstone Wallboards and AS/NZS 2589-2017. For a matt fibreglass joint tape refer to GIB RocTape®.

GIB® Paper joint tape has tiny holes that are fired into the tape through an electrical charge. These holes are created through a process called spark-perforation. The perforations allow air to pass through the tape, reducing the chance of blisters. The small spark-perforated holes leave more of the paper's inherent strength intact (as opposed to slotted perforations), resulting in better tensile strength and improved crack resistance. In addition, the sparked holes are cleaner, allowing for a smoother finish.

GIB® Paper joint tape is sanded on both sides to provide a high level of adhesion. The high level of adhesion is critical for the final joint strength. The back side that is adhered to the plasterboard is a slightly rougher finish to aid adhesion compared to the front, and the front side is slightly smoother to help create a smoother finish.

GIB® Paper joint tapes have great strength, a strong bond and a smooth finish, and this means less cracking which results in fewer call backs, saving time and money.