GIB Tradefilla®


GIB TradeFilla® can be used to stop plasterboard joints as a base and finishing coat and is ideal for jobs requiring a small amount of joints to be stopped quickly.


GIB TradeFilla® does not shrink and chemically hardens (sets) quickly regardless of atmospheric conditions. When mixed with water it has a short 'working time' and then a chemical reaction hardens the compound. Before it is fully hardened it can be scraped back smooth and if necessary a second coat can be applied. When dry, it can be sanded back smooth ready for painting/decorating. 


Feature & Benefits

  • Paintable and doesn't need a finishing coat
  • No shrinkage and hardens quickly 
  • Can apply a second coat after 30 minutes if necessary 
  • Can scrape back before it fully hardens 
  • Sandable once dry 
  • Sands to a smooth finish ready to paint or decorate
  • Great to trowel and easy to achieve a smooth finish
  • Chemically sets to harden and is not reliant on air drying to harden
  • Strong adhesion and suitable for bedding in joint tape
  • Available in a 5kg bag