Intex Big Mudda Finishing Boxes


Applies the correct amount of joint compound to flat joints.
Built TradeTuff® with USA billet aluminium and steel components, featuring a hardened steel blade with a brass blade holder and adjustable crown settings.
Pivoting axle compensates for uneven wall surfaces.
Outside mounted rubber O-Ring roller wheels provide a superior finish and soft ride.
Hinged door enables ultimate cleaning efficiency.

Holds 40% more compound than standard boxes - the largest capacity available meaning fewer trips to the pump!
Loads compound via the Compound Tube or Loading Pump with Nozzle Attachment.
Can be used with fixed or extendable handles.
5-year warranty.

Sizes Available:

  • 140mm - I03826 - TIX605
  • 200mm - I03591 - TIX608
  • 250mm - I03592 - TIX610
  • 300mm - I03593 - TIX612
  • 355mm - I03372 - TIX614