Marshalltown Proskim Skimming Blade


The MARSHALLTOWN ProSkim is the preferred professional drywall tool for skim coating a level 5 finish.
Its comfortable, non-slip ergonomic plastic handle is lightweight, easy to hold, and allows you the right amount of control to render plaster and perfectly smooth drywall compound over joints and other areas.
All blades measure .3mm and are made with stainless steel (INOX) to give the blade the right amount of flex for a smooth finish and easy feathering.
To protect your blade, all orders come with an edge guard to use during transit and in storage.
Our ProSkim drywall finishing tools are Made in the USA with Global Materials.


  • Smooth plaster, drywall compound, and achieve a level 5 drywall finish with less time and effort
  • Designed with a lightweight contoured handle for a comfortable grip
  • 0.3mm stainless steel (INOX) blade
  • Comes with an edge guard to protect blade during storage and transit

Sizes Available

  • 300mm - I03951 - MTSKIM030
  • 450mm - I03952 - MTSKIM045
  • 600mm - I03953 - MTSKIM060
  • 800mm - I03954 - MTSKIM080
  • 1000mm - I03955 - MTSKIM100
  • 1200mm - I03956 - MTSKIM120