Tapepro Corner Finishers


The Tapepro Corner Finisher is the finest precision built finisher on the market! When fitted to the Tapepro Corner Box, joint compound is forced through the Corner Finisher into the angle; the finisher then feathers the edges to produce a smooth joint.
The 65mm (2.5″) Corner Finisher is designed to be used in conjunction with the Corner Finisher Handle to glaze off excess compound and feather the edges after using the Corner Roller.
The 75mm (3″) and 90mm (3.5″) finishers apply a finishing coat when fitted to the Corner Box or Compound Tube.

  • Precision machined billet aluminium head provides durability and performance
  • Fabricated stainless steel frames provide a superior fit to the head ensuring smooth operation
  • Carbide blades and skids provide maximum wear resistance
  • Additional springs and adjuster clip achieve the perfect spring tension
  • Unique ball socket retainer provides spring clip feel with locking lever security
  • Removeable top piece for thorough cleaning and easier blade adjustment

Sizes Available:

  • 65mm - I00838 - CF-65
  • 75mm - I00839 - CF-75
  • 90mm - I00840 - CF-90