Tapepro "Manta-Ray" Adjustable Inside Applicator



Adjustable Inside Applicator

Tapepro continues to innovate with the “Manta Ray” Adjustable Inside Applicator.
This applicator head is designed to apply joint compound to splayed internal angles, prior to fitting corner bead.
It features spring loaded wings that provide a range of movement from 160 to 100 deg. It does not apply compound to the apex of the joint so is perfect for expansion type corner beads which incorporate a flexible centre.
Great for Trim-Tex Mud Set Magic Corner or Trim-Tex Mud Set Adjustable Inside corner bead, but also suitable for other “mud-on” beads.

It is a snap fit to the Tapepro Compound Tube and also incorporates a new locking screw to ensure security.

Patent Pending

  • Precision CNC machined from high strength low friction industrial plastic
  • Spring loaded range of 160-100 deg
  • Snap fit onto compound tube
  • Added locking screw for security on compound tube